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Pet allergies

Information About Pet Allergies

According to published studies, between 10-15% of the general population are allergic to cats and dogs. This high incidence of animal allergy, coupled with the fact that approximately 50-70% of homes have a dog or cat living indoors, makes pet allergy a major health consideration. It has been estimated that of the two million people allergic to cats, at least 1/3 of them live with at least one cat in the home. And, to make matters worse for the allergic individual, many homes where there are no indoor pets will still contain enough allergenic pet proteins to cause allergic reactions.

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Cat Allergy Symptoms

From an allergist’s perspective, the truly cat allergic and symptomatic individual can represent one of the most challenging aspects to one’s clinical practice. The fact that so many families have indoor cats and the fact that the cat allergen itself represents one of the most potent allergens on the face of the earth, it is clear evidence that number of individuals sensitized to the allergen and who subsequently become symptomatic have increased dramatically. The challenge to the allergist is even more acute when one recognizes the fact that, in so many cases, pets become bona fide family members, and the suggestion of removing one’s pets from the home is often met with a nonnegotiable response to the recommendations of the allergist.

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