Allergy Bedding and Bed Bug Protection

Do you need Allergy Bedding Products?

Allergy bedding products are a must for children and adults who have known dust mite allergies. And even if you or your child have not been allergy tested, yet wake up in the morning with typical allergy symptoms such as sneezing, or with a runny or stuffy nose, chances are excellent that dust mites are the problem. Dust mite covers might just be an easy solution to reducing or eliminating these symptoms and bringing allergy relief.


Allergy bedding works for bedbug relief

In addition to allergy relief, allergy mattress and pillow encasements can also isolate one from bed bugs. Even though bed bugs do not cause an allergic reaction, they do bite and cause intense itching. Bed bugs have become more than just a nuisance over the last few years as they have been found with increasing frequency in the mattresses of homes and in many exclusive hotels. To eliminate the problem in the mattress, the mattress should be encased in a bed bug mattress cover. Fortunately, there is no difference between an allergy mattress cover and a bed bug mattress cover. Whether called an allergy mattress cover or a bed bug mattress cover, both are very effective in isolating dust mites and beg bugs.

Dust mite allergy relief

Allergy bedding is almost universally recommended by allergists for their patients with dust mite allergies. The usual recommendation will include an allergy pillow cover and an allergy mattress cover.  Why?  Because the tiny, microscopic dust mites live deep in the warm, humid environs of our pillows and mattresses, enjoying an ever plentiful supply of human skin scales for their pleasure and nourishment.  And, dust mites can number between the hundreds of thousands to millions in a single mattress!  Since there is no way to exterminate these creatures, allergists recommend that the mattress and pillow be encased in allergy bedding, creating a barrier between the dust mites and the allergic individual with dust mite allergies.  Once encased in an allergy cover, there exists an impervious barrier to the allergens the mites produce, and the mites will die once their food source is cut off.

Dust mite allergies are one of the most common allergies in children and adults. When we breathe or are exposed to the dried body parts of the dead mites or their fecal pellets, a strong allergic response will result in the susceptible individual. Symptoms to dust mite allergies may include early morning symptoms which occur every day, such as sneezing, runny nose, congestion, as well as itching of the eyes, nose, or throat. Exposure to these allergens through the night can also precipitate or worsen asthma. It is a common observation that eczema can also worsen upon exposure to house dust mites. It is thus imperative that we do everything we can to create a barrier between us and the dust mites. TheOnlineAllergist and allergists across the board thus recommend that all mattresses and pillows in the bedroom be encased in dust-proof, dust mite covers. Because so many children and adults are allergic to dust mites, allergy bedding, including mattress and pillow encasements, is undoubtedly the most commonly recommended allergy product.

Allergy pillow covers and allergy mattress covers are easy to put on and easy to maintain. Just put the allergy pillow cover over and around the pillow, and the mattress cover over and around the mattress, and zip up. They are washable and extremely durable.

Will I be comfortable with Allergy bedding?

Allergy bedding and bed bug mattress covers, including mattress and pillow encasements, are extremely soft and comfortable. Dust mite covers are available in many different fabric blends which differ in qualities such as breathability, feel, and durability.  Allergy bedding products and bed bug mattress covers are very inexpensive and can provide a big bang for the buck!  The individual with dust mite allergies might also benefit from other allergy bedding products which are designed and manufactured with the goal of being hypo-allergenic. These include a hypoallergenic mattress cover, hypoallergenic pillows, allergy blankets, allergy comforters, allergy duvet covers, mattress pads, and an allergy mattress itself.  In fact,  there are now organic mattresses and latex mattresses which claim to be more resistant to dust mites.  (Of course, though it may be obvious, it must be said that for those with a latex allergy, a latex mattress is not an option).

Allergy Armor allergy bedding has created a unique line allergy bedding packages which are the first line of defense against dust mite allergies and other allergens. These allergy bedding products, called Allergy Armor, presents a uniquely designed line including allergy pillow covers, mattress covers, and duvet covers, Allergy pillows, blankets, allergy comforters, mattress pads, and allergy mattresses for complete protection.

Check out the Allergy Bedding Buying Guide

TheOnlineAllergist recommends that you consult the Allergy Bedding Buying Guide for more detailed information so that you can choose the allergy bedding that best suits you or your child.

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