Asthma Treatment Products

What are asthma treatment products?

Asthma is a serious illness affecting millions of adults and children. Fortunately, many medications have been developed to treat the symptoms of asthma. One of the keys to proper asthma treatment, is the delivery system by which the asthma medication reaches the lungs. Many asthma treatment products help with this delivery process. The following asthma treatment products, including asthma nebulizers and asthma spacer devices, are frequently recommended by allergists and pulmunologists, especially for their pediatric patients.


What do asthma treatment products do?

Most medications prescribed for the treatment of both childhood and adult asthma are delivered by the inhalation route through a metered dose inhaler, a diskus device or a twist device. But, their effectiveness is dependent upon the airborne medication reaching the lower airways, including the medium and small bronchial tubes. Of concern to those caring for children with asthma is the fact that proper technique is required to use these devices effectively. This takes maturity and coordination, and it is for that reason that most children under the age of six cannot use inhalers and other inhalation devices correctly. In the opinion of TheOnlineAllergist, the most common reason for treatment failures in childhood asthmatics is the poor and inefficient use of the commonly prescribed inhalation medication devices.

Asthma nebulizers and spacers

In young children, the use of an asthma nebulizer or a spacer device can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the medication. For asthmatic children under three years of age, it is imperative that their inhalation medications be delivered through a nebulizer in order to minimize the need for cooperation and coordination. Above three years, a child can usually graduate from using a nebulizer tousing a spacer with a mask. But, even using a spacer with mask requires a minimal amount of cooperation. As children mature, they can be taught to use a much more efficient spacer device with a mouthpiece. Eventually, if properly taught and practiced, no spacers should be required in order to use an inhaler correctly.

Asthma nebulizers are also frequently recommended for older children, teenagers, and adults with recurrent or chronic asthma. Many patients find treatment with a nebulizer to be more effective than an inhaler during an asthma attack or during times when their asthma tends to worsen. Sometimes a home treatment, or a series of treatments, with a nebulizer can adequately treat an impending or acute asthma episode,  avoiding the inconvenience and expense of an emergency room visit.

There are a variety of nebulizers available for children of all ages and adults. They are relatively inexpensive, durable, compact and easily transportable. Extremely small, hand-held, battery operated nebulizers are also available for those on the go.

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