Sinus Relief Products

Sinus relief products help ease your sinus symptoms

Sinus symptoms are extremely common among both allergic and non-allergic individuals. Both children and adults suffer from nasal and sinus disease, which can range in severity from being a mere irritation to being quite severe. Sinus Relief Products are allergist recommended to deal with your sinus symptoms.



Sinusitis, commonly called a sinus infection, can be the result of an upper respiratory infection, or the consequence of chronic respiratory allergies. But, regardless of the cause, all patients suffering from sinusitis have inflammation of the lining of the sinuses. This inflammation leads to swelling, congestion, and the production of mucous which can vary from thin and watery to thick and yellow or green.

Sinus irrigation

Depending on the cause of the sinus symptoms, one’s physician will recommend specific therapy. Allergists and ENT physicians commonly recommend irrigation of the sinuses with a buffered saline (salt water) solution for both preventive and therapeutic purposes. This is extremely important as the liquid washes away allergens and other pathogens from the nose and sinuses. Equally important is the washing away of thick mucus and secretions which can block the drainage passages of the sinus. Irrigation, in essence, cleans the airway in order to remove the causative or irritating factors and promotes healing of the sinus’ lining cells. A wide variety of sinus irrigation kits are available. We recommend either mechanical irrigation systems or hand-held irrigators. These kits are inexpensive and quite effective.

Humidity Control

Maintaining the proper humidity within the sinuses is also critical to maintaining good sinus health. If the ambient air is too dry, then the lining of the sinuses can also become too dry, impeding the normal flow of mucous in the sinuses. On the other hand, if the humidity to too high, it can encourage the growth of mold in the sinuses. A variety of room humidifiers are available to maintain adequate humidity in a dry home. Conversely, a room dehumidifier would be indicated in a damp home in order to keep the humidity below 50%.

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