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Food Allergiy

Every food allergic child needs a food allergy action plan!

Published on Jan 30, 2013 with 37 comments

Every food allergic child needs a food allergy action plan! Do you and your child’s teacher have one?

genetics of allergies

The Genetics of Allergic Disease: a moving target

Published on Jan 28, 2013 with 0 comments

The genetics of allergies is a moving target. But, we are now a little closer to understanding how allergies are passed from parents to children.

Possible relationship between a snake bite and beef allergy

Is there an association between beef (red meat) allergy and a previous snake bite?

Published on Jan 27, 2013 with 0 comments

The relationship of allergy to beef (red meat) after a tic bite was recently described. Could there also be a relationship between a previous snake bite and beef allergy?

There are so many suggested causes and risks for asthma: How many are real?

Opening an asthmatic’s pandora’s box: How much is true?

Published on Sep 04, 2012 with 0 comments

Yes. This allergist is a skeptic.

Like many of you, I subscribe to Google Alerts. This is a wonderful tool provided by Google where by their mighty search engine forwards to one’s inbox a brief synopsis of media reports on given subjects which one chooses. I have chosen allergies and asthma, so everyday I receive dozens of references to these subjects. The problem is that the overwhelming majority of the articles that Google picks up are not reputable sources.

Girl demonstrating the allergic salute which leads to a transverse nasal crease

Allergy Quiz Question: Which physical signs best predict nasal allergies?

Published on Aug 26, 2012 with 0 comments

Sneezing and watery eyes would be a good guess, but I suggest that allergists would give another answer.

Sunscreens used at the beach can cause an allergic reaction

Sunscreen Allergy

Published on Aug 22, 2012 with 0 comments

The use of sunscreens has become a routine part of our daily lives due to our recognition of the dangers associated with prolonged sun exposure. These dangers include the cosmetic disfigurement associated with sun-damaged skin and the obvious risk of skin cancers.Years ago, sunscreens were used only when there was anticipated exposure to direct sunlight over long periods of time, such as going to the beach. Today, sunscreens are used daily by some and are often found in combination with cosmetics and other skin products.

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