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Are you allergic to your cell phone?

Published on Feb 10, 2011 with 47 comments

There have been a “rash” of reports linking allergic contact dermatitis to the use of cell phones, especially among teenagers.

Allergy to the nickel alloy found in most metals is the most common cause of contact allergy. Nickel allergy has been estimated to occur in 18.8% of all individuals, and 17-33% in the pediatric population. Nickel alloy can be found many metal objects in which we come in contact with on a daily basis, including metal jewelry, zippers, belt buckles, musical instruments and, yes,  cell phones. Cell phones with fashionable designs are commonly manufactured with metallic accents containing nickel.

Contact of the metal to the skin can cause allergic sensitization and the development of a rash which is typically red and very itchy. The resultant facial or auricular dermatitis most commonly presents on one side of the face, typically on the cheek or ear. Treatment includes covering the cell phone to prevent direct content of the metal to the skin and the use of hydrocortisone cream.


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By Claudio on 2013 08 23

I am a concerned graerpadnnt who’s 6 year old grandson has recently been waking throughout the night with what the family physician has diagnosed as a viral infection the first time and laryngitis the second.  It’s almost 2 a.m. and we’ve just had another bout, approximately an hour ago, with the same breathing difficulties.  He wakes, gasping for breath, is usually irrational in his behavior during the episode, however is not fully awake and recalls none of it in the morning.  He was given Fruit Loops as a snack before bed.So much of what I’ve read here makes sense even beyond the nightly episodes.  I work in the public school system and can see some great correlations between diets and behaviors.  I’d love to be more informed and become an advocate for children and their families in this area of concern.

By Jane on 2013 08 24

I just found your blog tonight, but will definitely be a frequent follower now! Thank you so much for this post. I cried as I read it, but that’s not a bad thing. My daughter’s milk allergy was diagnosed 8 months ago just after her 3rd birthday. I haven’t struggled too much with guilt in terms of my causing it, but rather guilt over how could I not have seen it sooner. In retrospect it is so blatantly obvious, but then there were so many other factors. She had been premature and had to be on the vent and so many things we just attributed to her prematurity. It wasn’t until we got a new pulmnologist who agreed that there was a deeper issue that we were missing and that upping her steroids (which was almost at an adult dose and still not working and our previous MD’s answer for everything) was not the solution. I wish I had realized sooner as once milk was removed from her diet, her asthma is completely gone. It’s hard to let go and not blame myself for not seeing it earlier.Your post was a good reminder for me; my daughter does not see it as missing something, she gets that she feels better; she just wants to be able to have fun and do the same things as her friends. I have the emotional reaction to her allergy; she doesn’t. She just matter of factly asks, “Does it have milk? I’m allergic you know” anytime she is offered food. She loves the Bugabee Friends with Food Allergies book and thinks it’s so cool that she is a “Bugabee.”  Keeping it positive is so important. home insurance quotes auto insurance quotes nj

By Geraldine on 2013 08 30

Hi, just one more terrifying incident, after my four year old granddaughter, ate a small piece of Red velvet Duncan Hines cake. First incident was, she fell of the chair, right after she finished it, and we put it down to being tired or just try to get off the wrong way, but my uncle noticed it was very unusual fall, like thrown down from the middle of the chair.Next one , she was having a small piece of the same cake ,packed in her lunch at school, the teacher found her on the floor with her tongue swollen, and just hanging out of her mouth, eys shutt closed, and they could not wake her up.This terrified phone call came from her school, and my daughter almost had a heart attack on the way to school, she is the youngest of her four daughters.They rushed her to emergency where she was given the epi pen, and some anty allergy medicine, so after a few hours she was give a popcikle and by pressing down on her tounge, the swelling subsided, and thank God she has recovered.After many tests it was established she reacted to R E D# 40, color in the Duncan Hines mix., red velvet.It was a very scary experience for the whole family, and we hope it will never happened, again, to anyone.So , please informe all your readers, and warning should be on all the labels, or better , yet, all chemical coloring , should be removed from human consumption, as is band long time ago in Europe and UK.I talked to Duncan Hines co., and they assured me , they will remove the Red # 40, and I did suggest to use natural red color from beets, or purple kale.. car insurance free quotes home owner’s insurance

By Wiseman on 2013 09 03

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