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Alternative to Allergy Shots for Some Patients

Published on Jan 26, 2011 with 37 comments

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), or allergy drops under the tongue,  may now be an alternative to allergy shots for some patients.This form of desensitization has been used successfully in Europe for decades and has proven to be safe and effective. Pending FDA approval, this form of treatment is considered “off label”, but ongoing clinical trials in the U.S. will likely remove the off-label indication. SLIT could become the immunotherapy of choice for many allergists and patients in the next few years as the results of the clinical trials become available.


The voice of ratoianlity! Good to hear from you.

By Sequoia on 2012 01 17

My 7 year old son, who is on the Autism spectrum, has been gluetn/dairy & artificial food color free for over 4 years.  Each year he makes so many improvements.  Last year he ate 1 fruit loop at school. Within 45 minutes every Autistic behavior came back, spinning, flapping and humming.  His teacher and aide were amazed by his transformation.  I was actually kind of glad his school could see the concrete proof why I was so strict about his diet.  It took three days for him to get back to normal.  I also keep cupcakes in the freezer and keep some natural color sprinkles on hand for a touch of color.

By Iyke on 2013 08 25

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By Neyaz on 2013 08 26

I just found your blog tonight, but will definitely be a frequent follower now! Thank you so much for this post. I cried as I read it, but that’s not a bad thing. My daughter’s milk allergy was diagnosed 8 months ago just after her 3rd birthday. I haven’t struggled too much with guilt in terms of my causing it, but rather guilt over how could I not have seen it sooner. In retrospect it is so blatantly obvious, but then there were so many other factors. She had been premature and had to be on the vent and so many things we just attributed to her prematurity. It wasn’t until we got a new pulmnologist who agreed that there was a deeper issue that we were missing and that upping her steroids (which was almost at an adult dose and still not working and our previous MD’s answer for everything) was not the solution. I wish I had realized sooner as once milk was removed from her diet, her asthma is completely gone. It’s hard to let go and not blame myself for not seeing it earlier.Your post was a good reminder for me; my daughter does not see it as missing something, she gets that she feels better; she just wants to be able to have fun and do the same things as her friends. I have the emotional reaction to her allergy; she doesn’t. She just matter of factly asks, “Does it have milk? I’m allergic you know” anytime she is offered food. She loves the Bugabee Friends with Food Allergies book and thinks it’s so cool that she is a “Bugabee.”  Keeping it positive is so important. car cheap insurance new york home insurance quotes

By Taimi on 2013 09 02

Hi, just one more terrifying incident, after my four year old granddaughter, ate a small piece of Red velvet Duncan Hines cake. First incident was, she fell of the chair, right after she finished it, and we put it down to being tired or just try to get off the wrong way, but my uncle noticed it was very unusual fall, like thrown down from the middle of the chair.Next one , she was having a small piece of the same cake ,packed in her lunch at school, the teacher found her on the floor with her tongue swollen, and just hanging out of her mouth, eys shutt closed, and they could not wake her up.This terrified phone call came from her school, and my daughter almost had a heart attack on the way to school, she is the youngest of her four daughters.They rushed her to emergency where she was given the epi pen, and some anty allergy medicine, so after a few hours she was give a popcikle and by pressing down on her tounge, the swelling subsided, and thank God she has recovered.After many tests it was established she reacted to R E D# 40, color in the Duncan Hines mix., red velvet.It was a very scary experience for the whole family, and we hope it will never happened, again, to anyone.So , please informe all your readers, and warning should be on all the labels, or better , yet, all chemical coloring , should be removed from human consumption, as is band long time ago in Europe and UK.I talked to Duncan Hines co., and they assured me , they will remove the Red # 40, and I did suggest to use natural red color from beets, or purple kale.. home insurance quotes free online estimates of whole life insurance quotes

By Latisha on 2013 09 05

We have quite a few customers who are diabetic and take Healthe Trim.  I would split up your capsules and take one first thing and a second one an hour before or an hour after your lunch, both times with a full glass of water. You need to take the Healthe Trim on an empty stomach and not with other meds. Are you able to do that?  If not, you may try taking you insulin, then eating and perhaps taking your healthe trim an hour before or an hour after your lunch. Then sip on water throughout the rest of the day so that by days end you’ve had 8-10 glasses of water. And yes, do not put any flavoring in the water because those likely contain artificial sweetener. Eating six small meal a day is excellent. You should have awesome results eating that way. Most often if you are feeling nausea it is a symptom of dehydration. If you are not drinking all of your water it can give you symptoms of dehydration like headaches, jitteriness and nausea. car insurance qoutes in San Francisco quotes on car insurance in Chicago IL home insurance quotes and auto

By Bubbie on 2013 09 14

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By Trevion on 2013 09 18

Dorothy McCombSeptember 12, 2012Advice is good in last document but only if these are true allergies confirmed by a recognized specialist in the allergy field. So the first thing is to know the facts concerning the allergies.There is one thing that has not been mentioned and that is the quasi “medical” field of alternative diagnosis/treatment and a tendency by some to suggest multiple allergies (food, environment, dental restorative materials etc) as the cause of any of a patients problems.There is a lab in Toronto called “Red Paw” (yes, actually named after the originators cat) that claims to do allergy testing on hundreds of materials on one person in one sitting without any actual contact with the material. They have a web site that has some information. I used to get patients who had been given a list of dental materials they were “allergic” to that was difficult to believe. For instance the list of about 100 materials would have a number beside it. If the number was above 50 the patient was allergic and if it was below 50 they were not. One such list had the patient allergic to Herculite shade A3 but not shade A2 which just does not make sense.Such a patient can truly believe this testing even tho it is nonsense! And these patients can also be very difficult to handle – a lot of assurance that only certain shades or materials will be used despite total disbelief by the dentist in the actual need for this! These patients also tend to distrust conventional medical/dental practitioners.So, again, the facts concerning the allergies must be known and the patient should be requested to bring in the information they have if it was not performed in a recognized medical facility and cannot be requested by customary channels from the specialist. buycialisonlinenoprescription auto insurancauto insurance free quotes online

By Chassidy on 2013 09 21

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By Steffie on 2013 09 24

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By Dragon on 2013 09 26

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