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Beware of Peanut Allergies in Infants and Toddlers

Published on Jan 14, 2011 with 41 comments

Most allergists practicing for more than a decade have observed that the age of presentation of peanut allergy in infants is getting earlier and earlier. A recent article published in Pediatrics has proven that this is the case.

In 1995, the median ages of first peanut reaction was 24 months. Of those infants born after July, 2000 presenting to a major university allergy department, the median age of first peanut reaction was 14 months! The decline in the age of first peanut reaction seems to be attributable to earlier exposure. It is interesting to note that this study found that most patients (68%) who were peanut allergic demonstrated sensitization or clinical allergy to other foods (53% to eggs, 26% to cow’s milk, 20% to tree nuts, 11% to fish, 9% to shellfish, 7% to soy, 6% to wheat, and 6% to sesame seeds).

Peanut allergy represents one of the most potentially serious allergies in childhood. Do not introduce peanuts prior to three years of age. And, consult an allergist if you suspect a peanut allergy in your child.
Source:  PEDIATRICS Vol. 120 No. 6 December 2007, pp. 1304-1310(doi:10.1542/peds.2007-0350)


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By Myles on 2013 08 24

Hi Julie. I think each child is different in terms of how sviistnee they are, and how strongly they’ll react. And, to make things more confusing, this could change over time. My son won’t risk feeling the way he does when he has ingested artificial food dyes so he avoids it 100%. He also has very sviistnee skin so we’ve always used personal products like bubble bath and shampoos without dyes so I’m not sure how he’d react. You could remove them completely and then try something, like the bubble bath and nothing else for a few days, to see if there’s a reaction. Or go cold-turkey, like we did, if his reactions are strong enough. I hope that helps!

By Randa on 2013 08 25

I just found your blog tonight, but will definitely be a frequent follower now! Thank you so much for this post. I cried as I read it, but that’s not a bad thing. My daughter’s milk allergy was diagnosed 8 months ago just after her 3rd birthday. I haven’t struggled too much with guilt in terms of my causing it, but rather guilt over how could I not have seen it sooner. In retrospect it is so blatantly obvious, but then there were so many other factors. She had been premature and had to be on the vent and so many things we just attributed to her prematurity. It wasn’t until we got a new pulmnologist who agreed that there was a deeper issue that we were missing and that upping her steroids (which was almost at an adult dose and still not working and our previous MD’s answer for everything) was not the solution. I wish I had realized sooner as once milk was removed from her diet, her asthma is completely gone. It’s hard to let go and not blame myself for not seeing it earlier.Your post was a good reminder for me; my daughter does not see it as missing something, she gets that she feels better; she just wants to be able to have fun and do the same things as her friends. I have the emotional reaction to her allergy; she doesn’t. She just matter of factly asks, “Does it have milk? I’m allergic you know” anytime she is offered food. She loves the Bugabee Friends with Food Allergies book and thinks it’s so cool that she is a “Bugabee.”  Keeping it positive is so important. home insurance quotes cheapest auto insurance massachusetts

By Bayle on 2013 08 28

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By Kailyn on 2013 09 04

The comments here have been so helpful to us today that I thought I’d comment in case it helps someone else. My nearly 7-year-old son is now sleeping after a massive meltdown. This morning he was literally kissing us and telling us what a wonderful time he was having (on holidays) and how appreciative he was for the treats we were having. By 11am he was not listening, kicking us when we held his hand, kicking the car, screaming repeatedly in a frightening way and telling us he hated us. He continued to scream and yell as he was bundled into his room and eventually went to sleep after all-body trembling, saying things were pinching him etc. This has happened previously after sucking on strongly coloured ice (science experiment) and today was a blue strap lolly. He is a highly intelligent and affectionate boy, but we have always struggled with his behaviour and today, after finding this blog and reading the comments, we feel like it truly is the start of a new beginnning! Step 1 is no more blue colour!! car insurance quotes free car insurance quotes mississippi in New York City

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