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Food or drug allergy: identify yourself with a medical ID alert bracelet or necklace

Published on Sep 14, 2011 with 41 comments

Allergists strongly recommend that both children and adults who have a severe food allergy or drug allergy wear medical alert ID bracelets, necklace, or any other type of medical alert jewelry.  And, for those who have had an episode of anaphylaxis or are at risk for experiencing anaphylactic shock symptoms, wearing a medical ID bracelet is crucial.

Why do allergists feel so strongly about this recommendation?  Firstly, young children are extremely vulnerable due to the fact that they are not able to communicate their allergies. They are subsequently at risk in day care, school, and at friends’ homes if the care taker or teacher does not have an intimate understanding of the child’s food allergy or drug allergy.  However, this potential lack of communication does not apply exclusively to young children.  It also applies to allergic individuals of all ages, both children and adults, during severe allergic reactions.  During anaphylaxis or when suffering from anaphylactic shock symptoms, and other medical emergencies, patients often cannot communicate vital information, resulting in a situation which can be life threatening.  This is especially true if the individual is having throat swelling, difficulty breathing, other anaphylactic shock symptoms, and certainly if they lose consciousness.

If the individual and their food allergy or drug allergy are properly identified, emergency medical personnel can rapidly assess the situation and initiate appropriate treatment without delay.  Delay in identifying allergic reactions can be catastrophic.  Emergency medical personnel are trained and instructed to look for the presence of medical ID alert bracelets or other medical alert jewelry in all acutely ill patients and during any medical emergency.

Medical alert jewelry has evolved over the years, especially in terms of fashion. There are now many types and styles available, so wearing one if these life saving devices does mean that fashion needs to be sacrificed.  In fact there, there are stylish medical bracelets for women, and sporty and “cool” versions of medical alert bracelets for kids. You can shop for medical ID bracelets and necklaces by clicking here.

Medical ID alert bracelets and necklaces save lives.  So, if you or your child have a serious food allergy or drug allergy, please take our advice and identify yourselves.


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