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Four Myths About Dust Mites

Published on Oct 26, 2011 with 0 comment

imageMyth # 1: Air purifiers can trap and kill dust mites - A number of air purifier companies have gone on record saying that HEPA room air cleaners are effective at catching and trapping dust mites. The truth is that dust mites do not fly and are unlikely to even come into contact with a HEPA air cleaner. Even their allergenic waste particles are largely unaffected by HEPA air cleaners, because even when they become temporarily airborne, they settle back down quickly. Although these air cleaners are minimally effective against dust mites, they can play a very important role in eliminating other allergens like mold, pollen and animal dander from our homes. On the other hand, mattress encasings and pillow encasings can create an important barrier between you or your child and dust mite allergens, thereby removing a major source of exposure.

Myth # 2: Dust mites live in air ducts - This untruth is sometimes perpetuated by companies that want to sell you their duct cleaning service. A small amount of dust mite allergen that becomes airborne could settle in your ductwork, but ducts are far from the humid, fibrous environments where the dust mites live and produce their allergenic waste.

Myth # 3: Dust mites bite - Dust mites are far too small to bite humans, but skin reactions to dust mite allergen may be the cause of this myth. Dust mite waste and other allergens can trigger a skin reaction known as eczema or atopic dermatitis.

Myth # 4: Dust mites live in all dust - You will not find live dust mites living in the dust on your bookshelf or in that dust “bunny” that skitters across your hard surface floor. Nor will you find dust mites in outdoor dust. They just cannot survive on the surface of things; they need to burrow deep into bedding, carpeting and upholstery, making these environments the perfect homes for dust mites.


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