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Is one Epipen enough? Be prepared!

Published on Oct 27, 2011 with 0 comment

imageA recent study assessing emergency room records confirms the fact that a significant number of patients with anaphylactic reactions to food needed more than one injection of epinephrine. The data from this study revealed that 16% of patients presenting with food induced anaphylaxis required two injections.  Previous data showed that as many as 25% of reactions required multiple doses.  Multiple doses of epinephrine appeared to be more likely in those with reactions to peanuts and tree nuts and those presenting with hypotension (low blood pressure).

Additionally, many patients, even after observing a demonstration on the proper use of an auto-injector, are not able to use it properly, especially in an emergency situation. Please watch The Online Allergist’s video presentations on How to use an Epipen and insist that all members of the family watch the video and know how to use this device as well.

The message is clear: Those with a history of anaphylaxis and those highly allergic to foods, medicines, or insect stings should be prepared to treat anaphylaxis with multiple injections of epinephrine until medical assistance arrives. One injection may not be enough!


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