How to Use an Asmanex Twisthaler

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How to Use an Asmanex Twisthaler

  1. Open the inhaler.  Hold the inhaler upright with the base (pink) on the bottom.
  2. Grip the white cap, turn the cap counter-clockwise while keeping the inhaler in an upright position and lift off.
  3. As the cap is lifted off, the dose counter counts down by one (the arrow on the white mouthpiece should point to the dose counter.
  4. Before inhaling your Asmanex, exhale fully.
  5. Firmly close your lips around the mouthpiece, and take a fast deep breath while holding the Asmanex mouthpiece in a horizontal position.
  6. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for about 10 seconds, then breathe out.
  7. Replace the cap, and twist until it clicks.  THe cap must be fully closed to load the next dose.
  8. Check to make sure that the arrow is lined up with the dose counter.


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