Allergy Testing

How Do I Find Out if I am Allergic to My Cat?

Many people know that they are allergic to their cat by the fact that their symptoms are precipitated or increase when exposed to cats, either by breathing their allergens or having direct contact. For those individuals who cannot correlate their symptoms with exposure, allergy testing to cats is quite easy. It can be diagnosed by a simple skin test or a blood test.

What age is too young for allergy testing?

There is really no age which is too young. Although allergists prefer to wait as long as possible, testing can be done at less than a year of age.

What can skin tests tell you about allergies?

Allergy skin tests performed by board certified allergists are an excellent way to diagnose environmental, food, and stinging insect allergies (yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, honeybees, and fire ants).  Some medications and vaccines can also be tested in order to determine if a person has an allergy.

Which allergy tests are best, skin testing or blood testing?

Both methods of testing are quite good, but there is no perfect test. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Your allergist will recommend which method would be preferable for you or your child. For a more complete description of each method, see our article on Allergy Testing.

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