Pet Allergies

Are There Hypoallergenic Dogs or Cats?

Unfortunately, there are no known breeds of either cats or dogs that do not produce allergenic dander. It must be remembered that allergies can also be produced by exposure to proteins in pet hair, saliva, and urine. Therefore, every cat or dog has the potential for causing allergies.

Sorry, there are no hypoallergenic dogs or cats, although some animal allergic individuals can tolerate some species better than others.

How Do I Find Out if I am Allergic to My Cat?

Many people know that they are allergic to their cat by the fact that their symptoms are precipitated or increase when exposed to cats, either by breathing their allergens or having direct contact. For those individuals who cannot correlate their symptoms with exposure, allergy testing to cats is quite easy. It can be diagnosed by a simple skin test or a blood test.

What Can I Do if I Find Out I am Allergic to My Dog or Cat?

Avoidance is the best way to treat an allergy to a pet, and in certain situations (severe allergies and or asthma) removing the pet from the home is the best solution.  If pet avoidance is not possible, isolating the animal to another area of the house, regular baths, and grooming sessions by someone other than the allergic individual may help modestly.  A portable HEPA cleaner in the allergic person’s sleeping quarters may also be helpful.

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