Skin Allergies

Can Hives be Caused by “Nerves” or Emotional Upset?

Hives can be caused by many different things. It is a common notion that hives, or urticaria, are caused by “nerves”, but allergists are reluctant to attribute this very aggravating symptom to emotional reasons. “Nerves” should not even be considered a causative factors until other causes of hives have been ruled out.

Can one be allergic to tattoo ink?

It is not a common occurrence for people to be allergic to tattoo ink but when such reactions occur; they are usually allergic reactions to red ink and occasionally green.

What is Patch Testing?

Patch testing is a very accurate method of diagnosing the cause of allergic skin reactions called contact dermatitis. These tests are generally applied by placing patches on the back, which exposes the skin to known skin sensitizers which commonly cause the rash of contact dermatitis. These patches are left in place for 48-72 hours and then removed. The skin is then examined for the presence of an inflammatory reaction.

What is the Best Moisturizer to Use for Skin Allergies or Eczema?

Over the counter moisterizers with the least amount of perfumes or additives are generally recommended.  One should avoid Vitamin E and Aloe as these can also be irritating to the skin over time.  Eucerin, Aquafor and Cetaphil work well as moisterizers and are well tolerated in patients with sensitive skin.

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